Rev. Rory Synoground 
"Your Voice of Freedom." (John 8:31-32) 
"Healing The Brokenhearted" (Luke 4:18)

Rory attended Rhema Bible Training Center in 1994. In 1996, Rory established the evangelistic ministry of Rory Synoground Ministries International.

In the year 2002 opened The Voice of Freedom Prayer & Healing Center as an extended ministry outreach of RSMI

Soon after in 2003 Rory founded RORY SYNOGROUND PUBLICATIONS a publication company that inspires hope and faith to thousands all over the world.

In 2006 Rory pioneered Freedom Christian Center in Austin MN.

In 2010 Rory began hosting a Believers Fellowship Group in Austin MN. In January of 2011 Rory started another Believers Fellowship Group in Albert Lea, MN, He added another In May of 2012 in Osage IA as well.  These Fellowship Groups focused in on ministering to the brokenhearted while providing a place for Christian Fellowship.

Currently Rory Pastors Freedom Christian Fellowship in Austin MN while conducting evangelistic meetings where the Lord leads.

Rory is evangelistic in nature with a prophetic and teaching anointing accompanying his ministry. Rory ministers a bold uncompromised Word from the Lord, and prays for the sick. Through this ministry thousands of people have prayed the prayer of salvation, and have experienced medically confirmed healings.