RSMI's Believers Bible Fellowship Notes

1/26/11 &1/27/11

When I was a young child I attended an Untied Methodist Church. A guest speaker came one Sunday and my mother recalls him saying that the rise of mental illness and emotionally unhealthy individuals is on the rise. The reason is we as a generation are moving away from the authority of Gods Word. Gods Word is not our focus nor does it have our attention.

82% of Americans are emotionally unhealthy.
24% have moderate to major mental health problems.
58% have mild to moderate mental health problems.
(Jack Frost Healing the Wounded Heart)

Charles Solomon, Christian Author who deals with rejection says 98% of Christians have their identity in the roots of rejection and woundedness.

As I have ministered to people through the years, I have experienced the effects of woundedness as a result of perceived and or literal rejection they have experienced.

Most either don’t realize that they have their identity rooted in their woundedness, or are in flat denial.

I here this often: “I’m good.” Some even think it’s a confession of faith. The problem is, its not faith. It’s a wrong defense they have, and a closed heart. They still feel the pain in some instances in their heart. They’ll even deflect and project their subconscious thoughts and beliefs on to others because of their own pain, and make a statement somewhat like this: It’s this other person who has the problem.”

If this belief I’m good, nothing is wrong with me,” were true, you would have a manifestation of God in your life, and if there was nothing completely wrong with you, you would no longer be here, you would have been glorified by now.

Enoch was glorified.
If your still here you got things in your heart.

When a wound takes place in our heart & the Word of God is not present to heal it, we instinctively begin to protect the wound with other thoughts and beliefs. Thus leaving the would unhealed.

Many times we are trying to find comfort and healing in all the wrong ways. = Addictions etc.

There are things in me that God never put there.

If I have the fruit = I have got the root

Eph 3: 14-21
Pray over family

We were created to receive Gods love and to give that love away to others.

Christ means The Anointed One & His Anointing

Rooted = root comes from a seed

The Sower sows the Word

The word of God is like a seed and must be sown in your heart.

So that love can be your fruit

Now you’ll begin to know Christ and experience HIM

Are we experiencing love, health, prosperity?

Get in the word

V17 Heart is defined as the center part of your mind thought s & feelings.

Faith must be formed here.
Faith is simply what you believe.
How does faith come?

Rom 10:17 by hearing the Word of God continually.
Two ways God speaks: 1.Through a human, His messengers.  2 Through the Voice of the Holy Spirit

Prov 4:20-24 We are to attend to Gods Word. His Word must have our full attention.
When that happens, then we can incline our ears to what He is saying

Incline means to open or extend open like a chair

When I give Gods Word my attention it will open my heart to hear what God is saying personally to me.

When we here what God is saying to our hearts, then we will form faith, and receive healing, and life to all our flesh.

John 14: 21 Get His Word in your heart have faith in that Word and keep it there.

1 John 4:8 God is love!

1 Corinthian 13 replace the word “love” with God and then read. This is who God is! This is how he communicates with you.

The Father does not condemn us. He only convicts and He edifies

John 13:35 love one another just as He loves, and keep this in our hearts!

Mediate on this Word. Allow it to get seeded in your heart. This Word will bring healing to your heart and family

The first natural introduction to God the Father is through the relationship you have had with your earthly Mother and Father

This is the reason most of the wounds and issues you have come from childhood.

Book:”The Key To Your Childs Heart” by Gary Smally
Lists 84 ways we offend people / children

When we offend, we wound. When a wound takes place in our hearts, our hearts close.

We must open up our hearts again.

Forgiveness and asking forgiveness begins the process of opening up our heart.

Unforgivness is a web of wrong thoughts and bleifs

Forgiveness is a process of eliminating and releasing wrong thoughts. It begins opening our hearts to Gods love.

Unconditional forgiveness and love does not mean unconditional trust.