Healing The Brokenhearted Service January 2015

Saturday January 24th at 7pm 
827 4TH Ave NE Austin MN 55912

"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he hath anointed me 
to preach the gospel to the poor, he hath sent me 
to heal the brokenhearted...." - Luke 4:18

You are invited to our next  

"Healing The Brokenhearted Service."

Come and experience the Father's love and begin forming faith that receives everything God has given you.  

In reality there's not a person on this earth that hasn't suffered from a broken heart. 

Most in the body of Christ have no idea what it means to have a broken heart. And yet, our hearts are the very place where we need the healing presence of the Father and His Word.

Many of us have been wounded in our heart for so long that we have formed strongholds (walls of thoughts that exalt themselves against the knowledge of Christ). These walls of false beliefs keep us in prison, separating us from experiencing the life and love that God has provided for his children.

Only God through Jesus Christ can destroy these strongholds, heal our wounds, and open those prison doors.

Come and experience the powerful, loving ministry of Pastor Rory Synoground. Pastor Rory ministers the Word of God with a healing anointing that will impact your life for ever.

Make sure you make plans now to begin attending these Saturday Night meetings.

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