"And they were astonished at His doctrine, for 
His Word was with power." 
 (Luke 4:32)

Gods Word is full of power.  His Word has the ability to save you spiritually, heal you physically, and make you free from anything that would attempt to hold you bound.

But even though His Word has this awesome capacity, it can lie dormant in your life producing nothing.   His Word must be received and released in our lives if we are ever going to experience its life altering power.  

Look at Matthew 14:28-29." And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water. And he said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus. "

Up until this account no man has ever been recorded to walk on water.  Yet here is Jesus walking on  water.  

When the disciples saw Him, they thought He was a ghost.  After Jesus reassured them, Peter asked Him to tell him to come out onto the water.  

Peter had never walked on water before, But Peter had a history with Jesus.  He had been in situations before this moment in time, where Jesus had given him a command, and when he obeyed that Word he experienced the power of God in action.  So he reasoned; "If this is Jesus, and He gave me the command to come, and I acted on it, it would produce the miracle of me walking on water."

So Jesus,  Who is the Word of God made flesh, spoke the word "Come".  At this point the power of God was made available for Peter to walk on water.   You see without that Word spoken from Jesus, Peter would have no power or ability to walk on water.

Peter still had a choice.  Does he obey the command "Come"?  Does he act on that word spoken by Jesus or not?  This was not a calm night.  In fact this whole ordeal was occurring during a terrible storm. He and the disciples were fighting just to keep their boat afloat. 

Peter would have to risk his life to step out of that boat.  The wind and waves where thrashing about violently, making this very unreasonable for him to attempt this.  But he was willing to prove this out.  

Peter believed that Word spoken, and obeyed it.  Through a simple act of stepping out of the boat onto the water, he released the miracle working power of that Word and did the impossible, he too walked on water.

You and I have Words spoken to us by God that have been written down for us. These Words have the same ability, might, and power to perform that Word in our lives. 

As we have just seen in Peters life, three things need to take place if we to are going to experience the miracle working power of God.  

First we must hear a Word from God.   Second we must believe what we have heard, and finally we must obey or act on that Word.  

Have you heard Him speak to you?  Have you believed that Word?  Have you obeyed that Word?

HEARING, BELIEVING, OBEYING  equals the power of God released in your life.

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