Notes From RSMI Bible Study Albert Lea MN

Notes from Bible Study Albert Lea MN January 12th 2011:

Praise the Lord!  We had a great time of fellowship in Albert Lea last Wednesday.  For those who missed it, or for those who want to review, here is the following outline of what we ministered on.
January 12th 2011 Albert Lea MN

Meeting 1

Ephesians 4:17-20
We should not walk the way Gentiles walk in the vanity of their minds.

Gentiles means  unbeliever

To walk means your way of living or / your behavior

Vanity : worthless thoughts, pride
Emptiness, vain
Vain here in the scripture means futility or emptiness to be empty – void of something.

Our minds were created to be full of something!

Genesis 1:26-27
Man is Made in Gods image and in Gods likeness. Gods mind is full. It is full of His thoughts, His Words, His image.

Genesis 5:1,3
Adam made in the image and likeness of God, Seth made in the image and likeness of Adam

God>Adam>Seth > You

Seth made in the image and likeness of God, and so are you and I!

You and I were never created to live outside of the Garden

You and I were never created to be void of Gods Word or God Himself!

Man was created to full of Gods Glory, Gods thoughts, Gods Word, Gods Spirit!

Our minds were created to be filled with God

With out Gods word = a hole emptiness.

What causes emptiness? Empiness is like an open wound in our soul!

Soul= mind, will, emotions

Our understanding is flawed. What do you do to fill the emptiness?

Example: A woman with breast cancer; a wound was created by the cancer cells, and a cancerous tumor filled the wound. The tumor was killing the women. She prayed for healing. The Lord appeared and said By My Stripes You Are Healed.
When the cancerous tumor fell off there was a small hole and thin layer of new skin began filling in the wound.

Unbeliever is someone who has an empty hole in their soul.

Genesis 5:18-24 Enoch walked with God, and then he could not be found, because God took him. Enoch experienced a level of Glorification. Enoch believed!

What happens to an unbeliever? They are separated from the life of God.

We need to be reconciled to God

Ephesians 4:17-20
Mind is empty=Wound=Wrong Believing=Alienated = Blinded

When we are blinded the thief can come and steal, kill, and destroy us.

John 8:31,32
Jesus said it is when you continue in MY Word that you are My disciple
Disciple: follower, learner, to be disciplined like unto another.
Discipline= to be like

By continuing in His Word, we will be like Jesus.

When we fill our minds with His Word, His thoughts, we will begin to be like Him

When we fill our minds with His Word, then we will have Knowledge of the Truth. And the Truth makes us free!

Knowledge of him= Freedom from pain.
Knowledge of Truth Filled MINDS reconciled to the LIFE OF GOD!

Biggest problem in the world today: Identity crisis not knowing who we are!
Who are you really?
What is your identity?