Notes From RSMI Bible Study Albert Lea MN


Ephesians 4:17-24

The body of Christ needs to come together, edifying in love.
Be renewed in the spirit of our mind

Concept of love?

Gentile: heathen, unbeliever
Don’t walk your life like an unbeliever.

Vanity: worthless (valueless, Useless) thoughts, pride Emptiness, vain
What causes emptiness?
What causes a wound?

Soul= mind, will, emotions

Our understanding is flawed. What do you do to fill the emptiness?
What thoughts and reasoning’s, or Images, are you filling your soul with?

Ephesians 3:14-20
Filled with the fullness of God, filled and flooded with God himself. His Divine presence.
Christ our hope of Glory Christ dwells in our hearts by faith.

Hearts: Thoughts Feelings Mind the middle. The center part of your soul. The heart

Faith: What you believe!

Faith makes it possible for Christ to dwell in your heart, the center of your mind thoughts feelings.

This makes you able to be rooted and ground in love!

Being rooted and grounded in LOVE

LOVE is what we are to fill our heart up with! What is love?

1 John 4:8, 16 God is love!
Start seeing God as Love.

I Corinthians 13

We must receive and believe Gods Word to receive and believe His Love, and be filled with His Love.

Being filled with His love is being filled with God Himself!