I John 5:4 “For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world and this is the victory that overcometh the world even our faith.”

We must understand here that when the Bible mentions “the world”, it is referring to a foreign system of thought, behavior and consequences. It is a way of living in the earth today.

In Romans 12:2 the Bible commands us not to be conformed to this worldly system, to this fashion or this age, but rather to be transformed. God is literally saying there is another system of thought, behavior and blessings that you can operated in, and it comes by renewing your mind to His Word.

If we are going to escape and overcome the conformity that the pressure of this worlds system is constantly putting on us, we are going to have to learn to live our life by faith in Jesus Christ and what He says in His Word. This is Gods system of living in the earth today.

Now the worlds system of operating has consequences. These consequences are clearly seen. In the earth we have disease, sickness, poverty, lack, emotional turmoil, mental illnesses all forms of selfishness, debauchery, and the like. All of these fruits, if you will, are the result of worldly ways of thinking, acting, and believing.

We don’t deny that there are things like viruses and deadly forces at work in the earth today. But what I John 5:4 declares, is that faith is our answer to overcoming these things. Faith is the victory that not only overcomes the way the worlds system operates, but it will also overcomes the fruit that the worlds system produces.

Rev. John G. Lake was a man who ministered in a place where a deadly plague was killing thousands of people. He lived in the midst of it, and was ministering the healing power of God. Many people who should have died, lived.

Now the scientific community of the day was confused as to why Rev John G. Lake wasn’t dying from the plague..

So a group of them went and studied Rev. Lake. The scientists placed a portion of the plagued filled foam from a dead mans mouth on Rev. Lake’s hand. Then put them both under a microscope to see what would happen. What they saw was amazing. When the virus touched Lakes body the virus died, instead of infecting the area it touched.

What was empowering Rev. Lake. What was the key that enabled him to overcome that disease? That’s right; it was FAITH!

I John 5:4 tells us that faith is the victory that overcomes the sickness and disease that is trying to kill you. That is trying to imprison you. That is trying to take away the liberty and freedom that Jesus Christ died on the Cross for you to experience.

In Hebrews Chapter 11 we begin reading how to live by faith. During the first few verses we read where our elders actually obtained good reports by faith.

In fact the very first thing that was obtained by faith was the universe that you and I are living in right now. God is a God of faith. He looked into nothing and said “LIGHT BE”, and LIGHT WAS.

He knows how to operate in faith. Now God is trying to help you and I operate in that same faith as well.

In Ephesians 5:1 we read: “And be ye followers of God as dear children”. . . . The word “follower” here means “to imitate, or to copy.”

God knows how this thing works. He is the one who created this system of faith. In fact there is nothing good in this earth that will manifest without faith. Everything that is good in this earth will come to you and I, by operating in and through Gods system of faith.

So faith is the thing that obtains good reports.

Sickness is not a good report for Your body.

Health and Healing, Is a good report for your body.

Living by faith, will obtain the good report of health and healing for your body.

Poverty and lack is not a good report for your family.

Prosperity and sucess is a good report for your family

Living by faith will obtain the good report of your needs being met for your family!

2 Corinthians 5:7 commands us to walk by faith. “(...regulate our lives and condut ourselves hy our conviction or belief....with trust and holy fervor, thus we walk) not by sight or appearance.

The worlds system is based on conducting your behavior on believing what you see based on something other than what Gods Word says. What you hear, what you feel, what you experience through your five physical senses is being interpreted through something other than Gods Word.

Romans 10:17 on the other hand tells us that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

When you and I choose to believe, to have faith in what the Word says about our situation, and allow that Word and our faith in that Word to influence the way we think, and act, that is when we begin to overcome.

That is when faith begins obtaining the good report of healing, prosperity and sucess. That is when Faith is our victory!