In Luke 5:12-16 we read an account of Jesus healing a Leper. Its interesting how this came about if you knew the relationship laws concerning lepers. First of all lepers were not to come into contact with people. (Lev 13:45 KJV) If he were to come around others he was to shout “unclean, unclean.” Secondly, people were not to come near, or come into contact with those suffering from with this disease. The leper was desperate. He must of heard that Jesus has healed people. He knew that Jesus could, but he didn’t know if Jesus would. He knew that he was not suppose to be near people, let alone approach them in any way. But he took the risk and fell on his face before Jesus and besought him saying: “…Lord, if thou wilt thou canst make me clean.” (Luke 5: 12 KJV) What a risk this man took. It could have meant his life. But what kind of life did he have anyway, isolated and alone from his family and friends. He probably thought that He did something to deserve this disease, through a lack of self -esteem and self worth. Maybe this was Gods will for him, or maybe God was punishing him for his disobedience. Who knows exactly what he was thinking, but we do know that he didn’t know if it was the Lords will to heal him. Many today are wondering the same thing. Is it Gods will to heal me? Is this disease or sickness Gods way of teaching me something? Am I worthy or important enough to be healed by the Lord? Hopefully the answer the Lord gave him will answer other like questions others have concerning the Lords will in healing our bodies. Notice how Jesus responded in Luke 5:13; “And he (Jesus) put forth his hand and touched him…” This is important. Jesus touched the man. First of all he was not suppose to do this. After all this disease is very contagious. Didn’t Jesus now that by touching him, he was putting himself at risk to contract this disease? Of course he did, but it didn’t matter. Jesus had other priorities that directed his life. First of all He said in other places like in John 5: 19 that he only did what he saw his Father do, and I John 8:26 KJV He only said what he heard his Father say. So when Jesus reached out and touched this man in his condition, it literally was the Father reaching out to one of His children, and touching him with unconditional love. By touching this man, Jesus was showing him his value. He was communicating to him that he was important to the Father, and that he mattered. This should reassure us that the Father is not afraid to touch us in our uncleanness, in our sin. Even if we are rejected by man, and an outcast in society, He is always ready to reach out to us and love us unconditionally. Secondly Jesus went on to say in Luke 5:13 KJV; “.. I will, be thou clean.” This should forever silence the critics that say its not Gods will to heal. Again Jesus explained to us that He only would say what He heard His Father say, so, when Jesus said “I will” , it was literally God the Father saying “I will”. As a result, the man was cleansed of the disease immediately. He didn’t have to wait for it. It was instantaneous. This is such a loving powerful picture of the Fathers will in action towards His children. Now right after this healing, Jesus did tell this man to go show himself to the priests. This was a command found in the book of Leviticus for the leper. (Lev 14:2-3 KJV) If he thought himself to be cleansed of leprosy, he was to go to the priest and be examined. The priest then would, declare him cleansed. This then would openly allow him to return to society honorably. Then he would give an offering to the Lord. Jesus told him to do this for a testimony to the priests. He also told him to tell know one before he did this. But apparently the report of this cleansing got around, and it drew such attention to Jesus, that it hindered His ministry. Upon hearing of this event, multitudes came to hear and be healed by Jesus, and Jesus had to withdraw into the wilderness, to refresh himself through prayer with His Father. The central truth, or message in this story is that God the Father, and Jesus Christ His Son, not only can heal, but will heal all those that seek Him. He will cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Instead of running from Jesus, through a lack of self esteem, and self worth, we should run to him, and allow him to do what only he can do, and that is to cleanse us, heal us, and restore us!