“There shall not any man be able to stand before thee all the days of thy life.”  (Joshua 1:5)

The word “stand” here in Joshua 1:5 means “to stand in a stationary position in order to block you.”  God was telling Joshua that no man or circumstance would be able to stand in front of him to block him from inheriting the land God promised to the children of Israel.

This is an insider truth that we need to grab hold of.  We must realize that just because a promise of God, such as healing, deliverance, or prosperity, seems to be waning,  does not mean that God is withholding it from you.

You have an enemy, his name is Satan.  His sole purpose is to destroy you.  He is intensely jealous of you and hates you. 

He will try to block, and hinder you from receiving what God has already given you.  There will be people, situations, mountains, valleys, storms and thorns that Satan will use to stop you from taking possession of what God has promised you.

God revealed to Joshua, that men would attempt to stand and block him from taking the Promised Land.   But even though they would come against him, they would not prevail against him.  

The same is true for you.  Even though Satan may be using men to come against you, to hinder you from receiving your promise from God, I want you to encourage you that Gods grace is more than enough to give you the victory.