Praise the Lord. We had another precious day at Healing School today. As I was praying at the altar before the service today, the anointing of the Lord rested upon me very heavily.

I could sense the presence of the Holy Spirit come and just sit down beside me as He began ministering to me. He did this while I was praying for those who would be attending. I was praying for their healing, their deliverance, for their miracle. I was praying for God to confirm His word in their lives.

It was at this point the Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance the many visible miracles and healing's that I had witnessed during my years of preaching at Healing School. The manifestation of blind eyes opening, deaf ears hearing, the paralyzed walking, extreme, disabling pain fleeing, tumors and cancers disappearing, you name it, He was bringing them back to me in a moment.
I ask, Lord what are you showing me? And He said “The reason so many healing's were manifesting at these services was because of your faith in Me for these miracles. You were asking for them, and you were receiving them.”

He said, “Keep on asking, and keep on believing for them.” He then challenged me to believe for greater manifestations of His grace in greater healing's, deliverance's and miracles.

He said “It will be up to them if they will receive and keep their healing.”

Glory to God! You see God sends ministry gifts to His Children. As a minister of the gospel, operating in the five fold ministry, it’s my job to seek Him for a specific word for you and to pray for you. To lay down my life so that you can have a fighting chance to believe the Word He is sending you.

You see that is the way God does it. He sends someone with a Word for you to hear, so you can believe that word, and experience that Word in your life.

The Word was ministered today! His Word was powerful! His Word was anointed! When the time of ministering the word came to a close, we stood in agreement with each other for His word to be confirmed in our lives. It was awesome to experience the corporate faith that was operating today.

God’s presence was flowing in and through those that were present. There was a definite anointing for eyes to be healed and restored today. Many were prayed for and the healing power of God was experienced.

I am looking forward to next Friday. I encourage you to prayerfully seek the Lord and activate your faith to attend these meetings.

God Bless you.